school garden

school garden

Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Jurassic Garden- first phase

There is an old saying that it is perhaps shameful that the birds should always be awake before we are.  With this in mind the garden group met fairly early last Saturday morning - shamefully after the birds -to kick start the work on the Jurassic Garden

The fence panel was removed and the ground cleared ready for the arrival of the first of two loads of ready-mix which would be used to make the retaining wall to create the ammonite shaped path.  The ready mix was put in bags which were laid almost brick like to slowly build up to the working level of the garden.

The required circular shape on the ground was marked using the traditional method of a rope and a stick.  Then a white spray paint line was laid down which gave us a working line to go by.  Shortly afterwards our good friends from Doonans arrived with the ready mix

A second load was delivered yesterday and the retaining wall is now complete and ready for the next stage which is the infilling of the half circle and general leveling of the site.

Away from the Jurassic garden area things are stirring in the mild weather.  The Hazel bush is showing off with a fine display of catkins

Tucked away in the sheltered side of the garden the Daffodils have grown rapidly and it looks as if by next weekend some of them will be in flower. 

Over the past few weeks we have observed butterflies and bumble bees on the wing.  The Blue Tits are exploring the nest box again and both the male Great Tit and Goldfinch are singing from the highest perchs in the garden. We can only hope that the fine weather has not tricked them.  With news that frogs are croaking in garden ponds in Dorchester we must keep a regular watch in the pond.