school garden

school garden

Thursday, 15 October 2015

"Do not bargain for fish..

.. which are still in the water"

An Indian proverb

Work has proceeded well with the Jurassic Garden lookout and the project is almost finished.  The steps were completed on the weekend.

The handrail fixings are very secure.  The bolt ends have been cut off and tidied up so that no sharp edges are presented.

Around the garden wildlife abounds.  On Sunday 5 species of butterflies were recorded- Speckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshell, Large White, Red Admiral and Painted Lady.  On the flowers plenty of hover flies and bees still are visible and a very large White-tailed queen bumble bee was noted.

A keen observer noticed a very strange sight in the helpers flower bed.  Not the most attractive of caterpillar the Elephant Hawk moth avoids predation by looking very scarey!

Elephant Hawk moth caterpillar

In the bird garden a mist net was put up and thirty birds were trapped and ringed over the weekend.  Mostly Chiffchaffs on their way back to West Africa but a Coal Tit and a Goldfinch were pleasant surprises.

The colourful Goldfinch wing

A young Goldfinch- without the bright red head feathers

Coal Tit

Several new plants have been positioned in the Garden.  Two Honey Bushes- which have very attractive green/grey and shaped leaves are in the bed which buffers up to the Jurassic Garden

Honey Bush
The Gingers have flowered this summer and the spikes are now slowly dying but they were spectacular with a very sweet scent

Flowering Ginger plant

Flower detail
The Tetrapanax tree is now reaching for the sky!

Beautiful 'Gaura' flowers in the grass garden

Spectacular detail of one of the late flowering grasses
The aptly named  'Chain fern'
A very large Spider- awaiting identification

Impressive large fangs!

Again the evening sky saw the Garden Group staring West.  After a busy weekend in the garden Mother Nature provided a perfect backdrop as the day closed.

A fitting end to the day