school garden

school garden

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A summer of sweat

Right, let's get up to speed. The rest of the summer was spent watering the plants that we had been lucky enough to receive from the flower show. These included many herbs, one apple and 2 pear trees, a thornless blackberry, grape vines and kiwi vines, runner beans, tomatoes and a passion fruit. A rota was set up of neighbours and school families. It is such a lovely area that people were more than happy to wander up of an evening to enjoy the setting summer sun and the peace and tranquility of a summers evening.
This gives me a chance to thank the watering team:
Helen, Emma, Moira, Pete and James, Sian, Fiona and of course my family for putting up with my long abscences.

We had 2 more major work days in the summer holidays where we continued putting the garden together but also doing a massive clear up of the whole environmental area. Boy had it become overgrown in only 12 months. We joined up many many extension leads to get electrical equipment into the garden (namely for brew time!!) and begged and borrowed petrol mowers and strimmers. Everyone worked really hard and totally transformed the area. We rewarded ourselves with a great little BBQ.

Here follows some shots of the summer garden team working really hard to get the garden ready for the start of school in Spetmenber:


Barbarapc said...

You certainly did work hard - and it looks wonderful. Things are still covered in snow where I live - when will the students begin to plant?

klinsmann said...

Many thanks for looking at our blog. We hope to install some extra beds next week during half term and then the children can get planting in ernest. Some children have already planted some cereal crops. I shall upload some photos very soon.