school garden

school garden

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Dorset Gardens Trust Donates to our Garden

We were so happy recently to accept a cheque for £300 from the Dorset Gardens Trust. They are a registered charity that has over 500 members. Each year they organise lectures and visits within Dorset and beyond for members who wish to widen their knowledge of the history of gardens and designed landscapes. They also provide funding for important garden restoration works and promote awareness of gardening in schools. It is their involvement in schools that has led to their generous donation to the Holy Trinity Environmental Garden fund.

The delightful Rosemary Agg visited our school garden for the first time back in 2009 before we had installed our pond and we had asked the Dorset Gardens Trust if they might be able to help us fund the marginal planting. Since that time though, we were successful in our bid for some lottery money and this funded both our pond and planting so instead we decided that it would be great if the Dorset Gardens Trust could help us to provide a raised bed high enough for wheelchair users. We currently have one pupil in a wheelchair and we felt that we had not yet provided them with a suitable area in the garden for them to be able to do some planting themselves. Thankfully the Dorset Gardens Trust has enabled us to remedy this situation and as a result of their generous contribution we have been able to install the raised bed, fill it with soil, plant it up and also put some money toward educational signs around the environmental garden.
Thank you to Rosemary and the Dorset Gardens Trust. To join the trust only cost £10.00 annually for a single membership or £15.00 for a joint one. Please visit their website by following the link above for more details.

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