school garden

school garden

Thursday, 8 September 2011

The School Garden Gets Some Good News

At the beginning of the summer holidays an invitation was extended to the National Garden Scheme to visit the garden to see if it would be eligible for inclusion in the famed Yellow Book. For those who do not know about the NGS it is a national organisation that raises money for charity by helping people to open their gardens to the public. Last year they raised £2.5 million pounds for nursing, caring and gardening charities. Their patron is the Prince of Wales. A visit was made by the local Weymouth representative, who was thrilled with the garden. A second visit by the Dorset representative, took place on Monday, before the gales. The conclusion was that they both loved the garden and would like us to open next summer for the gardening public. It is a mark of what has been achieved in the garden that the NGS are interested, they only accept gardens of a certain standard.

Whilst tidying before the visit on Monday I took some time to get some up todate photos of the garden, just as well as the gales did a fair amount of damage on Monday night and into Tuesday. Only got part of the garden before the visitors arrived but its looking good.

The grape and kiwi pergola

The Watering Station

Pumpkin Patch

Annual Nicotiana Plants (did very well this year)

Passion vine finally going strong on the back wall

Sweetcorn trials on the right

Raised beds

Pond Pergola

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