school garden

school garden

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Forgotten your watch?

As from today there is no excuse if you need the time and have forgotten your watch. Just nip up to the Memory Garden. You will of course have to remember if we are on Greenwich Mean Time or British Summer Time. Also you will need the sun to be shining.

The sun is shining - let us get a little closer...

It is three o' clock.

A sundial was installed this morning in the Memory Garden. The passage of time is very important to all of us  for many reasons. For this reason we have put the sundial here so that anybody can sit and consider the time past, the time present or the time future.

There is now four times as much frog spawn in the pond as the last blog. The frogs have been busy. Some of the frogspawn has been removed from the pond and put in a bucket under the pond dipping platform. This because the Herons and the Blackbirds will eat the frogspawn if they get a chance. The spawn left in the pond has had a net put over it to hopefully keep the birds away.  Anybody wishing to get a close up of the frogspawn without having to peer into the pond can observe it in the bucket. When the tadpoles have hatched we will put them back into the pond. Unfortunately the dragonfly larvae also eat small tadpoles but they will have to sort things out themselves.

The masses of frogspawn

A close up

Location of the frog spawn for easy viewing- the white bucket

The pond sign was repositioned today on two sturdy green stakes.

It was a glorious day in the garden with many birds in song,  lots of bees, bumble bees, a peacock butterfly and even a hoverfly seen. One bumble bee was very interested in the croscus flowers

In we go - head first!

It did seem like Spring today so hopefully things are now turning and we can say goodbye to winter. It is another chapter in the passage of time!

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