school garden

school garden

Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Pigeons are back......

The pigeons have recently carried out a daring daylight raid on the garden.  The wheat, barley and oat seeds which had successfully germinated have been pulled up and eaten by these ever hungry birds

The uprooted oat plants

Yesterday the area was re-seeded with new sowings of wheat, barley and oats.  This time a net was set over the seeds which will hopefully deter the pigeons.  Two birds sat in the tree watching so we will have to await events

The resown wheat, barley and oats-  and the net!

In the greenhouse one of the cactii is in flower. It seems to produce just one small pink flower a day and the flower only lasts for a day. Plenty of flowers yet to appear so some should be still showing on the return of the new term. Visit when the sun is out

The flowering cactus plant

Also in the greenhouse Class 3P is having success with the sunflower seeds. They have germinated over the Easter holiday and are  looking good.  Outside Class 2P is having success with their potato plants.  The pigeons do not like these!

Class 3P sunflower plants

The potato patch of Class 2P

Flowers on the Cherry tree

A sure sign of summer and better things to come.  The Cherry trees are bursting into flower. Already the bees have found them.  Several large bumble bees were busy pollen gathering

Finally one of the nest boxes has new tenants. A pair of Blue Tits are bulding a nest in the green nest box near the archway into the bird feeding area.  The pair were busy yesterday.  We will have to hope that things go well for them.

The Blue Tit nest

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