school garden

school garden

Thursday, 3 May 2012

New arrivals

This morning the pitcher plants arrived and after carefully unwrapping them they have been positioned in the greenhouse.  Many are found in Carolina in the United States of America but they do occur elsewhere in the world.  They are carnivorous plants and eat flies mainly but anything which lands on the pitcher and takes a peep inside will be welcomed for lunch! The inside of the pitcher holds no grip for the insect and it slides down into the base and becomes the next meal.

As the last picture shows RAIN WATER only for these plants.  There are two white buckets in the greenhouse with rain water in them. Please only use this for these plants and not anything else in the greenhouse.  They do not like salts and minerals.  Sitting on a bed of wet moss they should survive.

Recent insects in the garden include the Bee-fly which occurs at this time of the year and an unusual mining bee Colletes daviesanus which lives underground often in large colonies. Pictures of these next time

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