school garden

school garden

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hungry Plants

This afternoon a fly carelessly landed on a sticky leaf of a sundew plant which was growing under one of the pitcher plants. It stuck instantly on the leaf. This is how the plant feeds. It is an insectivorous plant which, like the pitcher plants, attracts insects- principally flies - to the plant and then slowly devours them.  The sundew leaf will slowly curl over the fly and the fly will be digested by the plant.

The sundew plants came along for free with one of the pitcher plants. They are very successful with their catching techniques.  A fly was recently seen to land on one of the pitcher plants and fall in but alas no camera that day!

In the greenhouse the gourds, planted for year 3, are now growing very fast-  about 4 inches a day. The tomatoes are also growing well and the warm days are helping with the papyrus which is slowly awakening after the winter months.

In recent days a rose chafer ( see blog from last year) has been seen in the garden.  A bright green jewel flying fast around the garden.  With the garden open day now over we will have to reinstall the anti-pigeon and squirrel defences.  Hopefully  some pictures of bee species recently seen can be uploaded shortly after a little work done on them.

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