school garden

school garden

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The lorry has arrived!

Earlier this week the long awaited load from Cambridge arrived. This was the path edgings for the ammonite shaped path in the Jurassic Garden.  A few of the garden volunteers met quickly to help unload the materials.

The pallet on the lorry was quickly unloaded.  The plastic planks and pegs are all made from recycled materials.The driver even gave us the wooden base which the plastic planks had been fixed to.  Nothing is wasted in the school garden. We recycle as much as we can.

Meanwhile the hedgehog seems to be sleeping well in the box. Hopefully it will stay there undisturbed for the rest of the winter.  We did have a sneaky look in to make sure that all was fine. 

A neat and tidy home for the winter!

In the greenhouse the Living Stones are flowering.  The snails have grazed a few but they are doing well.

The Jerusalem Artichokes have finished for the year and the plants have quickly died back.  Four plants were removed this weekend to see what the crop was below.  There were plenty of tubers from just four plants

A little history about the Jerusalem Artichokes will be included in the next catch up.  Cold wintery weather is forecast the next week.  Hopefully it will push the birds into the garden and they will start using the feeders.

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