school garden

school garden

Sunday, 22 June 2014


"Weeds are flowers too, when you get to know them"

a quote from Eyore, Winnie-the-Pooh.  A.A.Milne

The garden group celebrated the longest day on Saturday with a timely BBQ. Our weekend entomologist cooked for us and made a splendid job. With Rosemary clippings  thrown onto the hot coals the food tasted wonderful. It is hoped that this summer the weather will be kinder and allow more BBQs in this magnificent setting

On the following day though we turned to the jobs in hand.  A lot was done in what proved to be a very hot day.  The temperature in the greenhouse at midday with both doors open and the roof vents was +33C.  The tea plants and the rice plants are enjoying the heat and growing well.

The first job was to tidy the tool shed and by the time we had finished it looked ready for another six months

The tidy tool shed

Around the garden things are growing fast.  There are still a few class beds which have not been planted up though.  Hopefully they will be within the next week or so.

General view towards the Orchard

The hanging baskets have been positioned now- Begonia 'Inferno'

The Runner Beans are growing fast with plenty of flowers
A walk around at the end of the day revealed a splendid array of flowers which were looked at in detail

Californian Poppy

Californian Poppy in detail

Passion flower

The bed of Thyme

A showy clematis

A more delicate clematis- resembling the native ones found in Europe


The final job of the day was to tidy the summer house or garden HQ as we call it.  As the weather looked good for the next week we decided to put out some of the pupils craft objects from last year which we have kept under cover over winter.

In fine weather  the newly installed windmills were enjoying the gentle breeze.  As we left the Aeolian wind pipes started to play.  A productive weekend for the garden group

Windmill enjoying the light breeze
As a footnote and reminder the Garden Open Day will be July 5th. More details nearer the day. Offers of help are welcome and can be left in the school office.

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