school garden

school garden

Friday, 1 August 2014

The NGS weekend

"A man of courage is also full of faith"

A quote from Cicero-  a Roman philosopher, orator and statesman among other things and he is said to be possibly the greatest man who influenced the future of language on future generations. Following a power struggle he was assassinated in 43BC

Planning for the NGS weekend went well despite the weather forecast looking a little unsettled on the Saturday.  We were not deterred and  put faith firmly on the front line.  With everything ready for a 13.00 opening the heavens opened but just for ten minutes and then the dark clouds scurried away leaving blue sky and happy hearts.  On Sunday we enjoyed fine weather all day and a steady stream of visitors.

A few pictures of the garden and then some of the NGS weekend

The timing of the poppy flowers was spot on amongst the barley!

Globe Artichokes- always stunning in flower

Begonia 'inferno' - the hanging baskets have excelled this year

Agastache-  planted by the runner beans have encouraged plenty of bees

The Penstemons in Mrs Legg's flower bed look magnificent

Down came the rain!

The ten minute storm is almost over!

NGS visitors enjoying the afternoon sunshine

The contents of the greenhouse drew a lot of interest!

Taking it all in!

The 'Campanula's flowered on the Sunday

Bee laden with pollen on the Cornflowers

The nesting Collared Doves timed the hatch perfect for Sunday as well!

The weekend was very successful with just under 100 visitors and we made just over £300 for the charity work of the NGS.  The pressure is now off the garden group and with the school holidays in full swing there is time now to catch up on jobs and enjoy the garden as much as possible.  A BBQ was deemed very fitting after another successful summer term.

The local Herring Gull was very interested with the contents of the BBQ grill!

Over the holidays the group will now forge ahead with the Jurassic Garden and also revamp a part of the Memory Garden creating a more sensory feel to it.

Finally we thank the visitors to the NGS weekend and hope that enjoyed the experience.

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