school garden

school garden

Thursday, 2 July 2015

"The only time you should ever look back.. to see far you have gone"

An unknown quote.

Bearing this in mind it was a week ago last year when Henry arrived with his mini digger to clear and level the Jurassic garden area.

After a lot of hard work and generosity from many friends and local organisations we have now reached the stage where have our Jurassic garden.  It is only the first year but next year should be much better with more luxuriant grown and stature which will show off our planting regime much better.

In the greenhouse a spider is living a very precarious life. It has built a web inside the trumpet of the pitcher itself. The web was carefully positioned across the top of the pitcher.  If the spider made a mistake moving about inside the pitcher it would itself become prey- to the plant!

The spider living inside the pitcher!

The hanging basket flowers

 The hanging baskets have survived the first winds and are beginning to grow well.  The planting this year has been lobelia 'monsoon' and the new 'inca gold' trailing sunflowers.  At the moment the combination seems to work well.  Behind it the rambling rose and clematis add a further splash of colour.

The rambling rose
 The rambling rose, now in the fourth year, has produced a lot of scented blossom this year.  The perfume can be smelt whilst walking up the path and under the pergola

The penstemmon bed

The bees are very fond of these flowers

The flowering eryngium- a lovely steel blue

After three years the Eryngiums have flowered.  It was not a high success rate though as five plants were initially bought but only two have made it to flowering.

The kiwi plant flowers - they do not last long!
A casual glance at the frog house found several small frogs the size of a thumb nail but behind it amongst the vegetation the magnificent dragonfly was spotted.  It had recently emerged from the pond and was pumping up and drying its' wings-  it is a Southern Aeshna

Southern Aeshna
 Over the next few days the group will be getting the garden ready for the school fair on Saturday July 4th so do wander up the drive and look around.  There will be much to see and perhaps a few games to try out!

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