school garden

school garden

Monday, 17 August 2015

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling,

but in rising every time we fall". 


The garden group were delighted to hear at the Dorset Wildlife Trust event held recently at Sherborne that they won first prize in the 2015 Wildlife friendly and Community garden section.

Along with the certificate were many garden 'goodies' including bird feeders and a variety of seeds which we can sow next Spring.  The event was supported by the Gardens Group.

Despite being the school holidays the garden group continues to meet and work in the garden.  There is always something to be done.  The flower bed alongside the eco-loo is now becoming well established and just last week the 'Ligularia dentata' burst into flower.  A plant much favoured by slugs but they seem to have missed our plant!

Ligularia dentata

Magnificent foliage and flowers
The Persicaria is also flowering well and much favoured by bees


At the back of the Jurassic garden work has proceeded with the viewing platform.  The first job was to erect the main poles which will hold the frame and finished construction

The landscape poles in position

Attention to detail- perfectly upright!
The next stage was to fit supports for the basic frame around the poles.  These were fastened by large bolts 200mm long and secured with nylock nuts and a locking nut to ensure stability.

The poles all in position

The bolted supports

Starting the frame

The frame just about finished
Next weekend the group will proceed with the build by  finishing cutting  the last few frame pieces and getting ready to put down a floor.

It is of course not all gardening and on several  warm evenings  the moth trap was set. The lamp is lit all night long and at early morning the trap is checked.  On the first run we had a good catch.  Many moths are very colourful and decorative.  The smaller moths are a little tricky to identify but will eventually be keyed out.

Common Emerald

Jersey Tiger

Elephant Hawk Moth

Garden Tiger

Grey Dagger

Small Bloodvein

Marbled Green

Bees also continue to figure in the school garden and we are still finding new species.  This one is still awaiting identification but has stunning colourful legs!

Another new bee species for the garden
The first batch of engraved fossils have arrived and once the Jurassic viewing platform has been completed  they will be installed in the garden around the main ammonite shaped path.   These beautiful pieces were made by local man Phil Anslow

As the summer fades and autumn approaches the vegetables are now at their prime and the harvest has been particularly good.  The carrots though have been a disaster!  Apparently we are not alone and carrots generally this year have been poor.  The crop of Desiree potatoes- lovely red skinned and yellow fleshed- has been very good.

Orange beetroots, courgettes, carrots and turnips

Borlotti beans- a first for the garden and a good crop
It is hoped to get most of the viewing platform finished before the end of term but that depends on weather and availability of materials. One of the main jobs in late autumn/early winter  will be a big tidy up and clean out of the pond which although looks good with all the vegetation does needs cutting back or else it will completely fill the the pond if we are not careful.

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