school garden

school garden

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Garden Open Day

This Saturday, 9th July, the Friends of the school are holding the annual Summer Fayre.  In conjunction with this the school garden will be open as well and we are taking the opportunity at this event to officially open the Jurassic Garden. This has been two years in the making but finally after many  hours of work and the kindness of local businesses we are now in a position to hand the garden over to the pupils, who originally requested it, so that it will become a study aid for them.

Dr Phil Sterling, the Coast and Countryside Service Manager at Dorset County Council, has agreed to open the garden for us.  Dr Sterling is much respected lepidopterist and entomologist and it is intended to exhibit at the event a sample of moths from the area.  The moth traps will be run the previous night and in the afternoon  we hope that large hawk moths and other colourful night time fliers will be on display.

The garden will be opened at 14.15.  We look forward to seeing you there

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