school garden

school garden

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

"Forgive your enemies..

but never forget their names"

John F Kennedy

Despite the school holiday the garden group are working hard to maintain the plants and fixtures. It is also a good time of year to run the moth trap as many interesting and often unusual migrant species can be found.  Setting the trap means an early rise before the insects get too active in the trap and many often leave once the temperature picks up.  However a recent early morning visit was rewarded with a staggering Black Arches moth.  It had actually settled on the outside of the trap and could have flown off at any time.  Luck was on our side that morning.  It is surely one of the most beautiful British moths

Black Arches

The first moth out of the trap was a Garden Tiger

Garden Tiger

Garden Tiger

The hanging baskets are starting to fill out and tumble over the sides.  Alas a little late after the NGS weekend but they are still enjoyable.  The Begonia plugs were late getting going due to the cool Spring but they are not coming into their best.


The magnificent Banana patch

Mass of flowers in the helpers bed.  All bee friendly!

Migrant Hawker dragonfly

Venus Fly-trap plants enjoying a few days outside of the greenhouse

Superb artwork from Mrs Palmer's class on the back wall

Pink Fir Apple potatoes- not a good crop this year!

Desiree potatoes- just from one plant. A much better crop

Verbena bonariensis- a magnet for insects
As the group were tidying up on the weekend an interesting 'vespoid' wasp was discovered.  Some quick photographs were taken to record the event but identification will require the use of the stereo microscope!

Rain is forecast for the next thirty-six hours or so and this will help considerably with the growth of the vegetables especially the runner beans

The Runner Bean wigwams

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