school garden

school garden

Monday, 16 January 2017

"Speak well of others..

not of their faults"


A gap in the weekend weather allowed a couple of hours in the garden to continue tidying up.  Work commenced on cutting up the field maple branches.  These have been separated into brash , small timber and bigger timber.  The lengths of timber will eventually be stacked in the woodland walk to make a bug hotel.  The brash, which is an important part of forestry in general, will be shredded and the chippings put back into the garden around the raised beds.  Nothing will be wasted.

All sorted. The brash to one side and the lengths of timber

Already with the removal of the field maples it was noted that the late afternoon winter sun was touching the willow classroom which means that in Spring and Summer the classroom will get all day sunshine which will  help the structure to recover.

Late afternoon sun hitting the willow classroom
Elsewhere general tidying was undertaken by garden volunteers.  There are a lot of leaves to take off of the beds and allow light to hit the many bulbs which are just poking above the ground.  As mentioned the daffodils are on the verge of bursting into flower.  The cold snap has put them back a little but the first should be in flower next weekend.

Daffodils waiting to burst open!

The periwinkle is flowering.  These lovely pastel blue flowers are a delight to the eye in the winter months.

Periwinkle flower (Vinca)

Nearby the Corsican Hellabore is about to flower.  There strange plants produce curious clusters of flowers.  This year once the flowering period is over the plant will be cut back to promote new growth from the centre.

As the day finished and the sun set in the west the grass garden came into its' own.  Backlit from the sun these grasses looked resplendent

The fading sunlight through the grass garden

There is always much to be done in the garden and as Winter slowly becomes Spring work in the garden  increases and the group always welcome new faces.  If you would like to volunteer and help manage this wonderful education asset to the school please get in touch with the office.

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