school garden

school garden

Friday, 9 June 2017

"Change is inevitable..

progression is choice"

The blossom this Spring was again spectacular as the cherry trees at the back of the garden and the other smaller fruit trees lit up the garden with fantastic flowers.

The emergence of the blossom brought with it the bees who feasted on the pollen.  Many early species were noted including Andrena clarkella, Andrena fulva and Andrena cineraria.  The garden group have recently purchased three more apple tress to plant in the orchard area.  This should be done within the next week or so.

Other spring flowers which brought colour and interest to the garden were;

In the pond the Marsh Marigolds continue to expand on the bankside. Unfortunately the flowers do not last long

Marsh Marigold

The ornamental banana plant which has spent the winter indoors in the shelter of the HQ shed has been put back out.  Within two weeks it had grown two new leaves.  It continues to be a focal point in the garden

In the nest box the Blue Tits again moved in and initially laid ten eggs but only six hatched.  The female is a bird which had been ringed in the garden the previous winter.

The eggs are often covered when the bird is away from the nest

The Great Tits nested in one of the bat boxes in the Jurassic Garden.  Last weekend the young birds could be heard calling for food from around the garden.

The cycad plant has been moved to a sunnier and warmer position.  It was showing signs of stress so has been moved a short distance away.

The replanted cycad  

The tree ferns have had their old fronds removed and are being watered regularly to promote new growth.  These magnificent ferns are unusual in that the trunk of the 'tree' is actually the roots.  They are slow growing- about an inch a year.

Below them the chain ferns are now growing well after two years and are looking healthy.  They also like their roots damp.

The group have been busy the past couple of weeks constructing a mud kitchen for the pupils to use. The frame of this project has been recycled pallets.  The sink has been recycled from a nearby scrap metal merchant and the pots and pans given by kind donation.  The work is almost done with the sink being fitted last weekend.

Stage one of the construction
The sink in position

The mud kitchen work site
Finally the best has been saved till last.  After nurturing the bird of paradise plant for a couple of years the garden group were rewarded a week or so ago by the most magnificent flower.  Over the past week it has continued to open.  One young lad at the school likened to a crazy hair cut!

The force ten gale which blasted the school garden this week did a little damage but it is hoped to tidy this up and make good this next weekend.

The garden group always welcome new helpers with an interest in gardening.  Why not join us?

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