school garden

school garden

Monday, 4 September 2017

"Remember not getting what you want.

is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck"

Dalai Lama

Work continued in the garden over the school holidays tidying up and getting on top of outstanding jobs.  Plants are always growing and need to be kept in check. Work is continuing on the area at the back of the garden along the wall where a new bed is being created to link up to the other insect friendly beds.  Insects have been very visible over the past few weeks with a good range of bees, hover-flies, butterflies and dragonflies all on the wing.

Honey Bee feeding on Sedum

Another close-up of the Honey bee

White-tailed Bumblebee on a Geum flower

Red-tailed Bumbebee feed on Verbena

Possible Andrena bee feeding on a geranium

Hover-fly on the flowering Scabious

Another hover-fly enjoying a carpet of pollen!

The garden also recently welcomed visitors from our good neighbours at Gracewell.  A steady stream walked around the garden at the Gracewell Summer Fete in glorious sunshine.  Many found the time to sit and enjoy the surroundings and we received many good comments about the garden and how lucky the school was to have such a valuable asset for the children to study plants and mini-beasts!

Visitors from Gracewell Summer fete

Colour and leaf interest in the tropical bed

Magnificent sunflowers

The stunning crocosmia "Emily McKenzie"


Basking Southern Hawker on eryngium flower head
The school re-opens on the 5th September and we welcome new pupils and also wish those moving up into new classes good luck in their further step in education.  We hope that they will get a chance to visit the garden and enjoy all that goes with it

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