school garden

school garden

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Brasica Disaster

We were given lots of lovely winter growing veg to plant out in the garden and were so excited about what we could harvest over the winter months. We were however poor experienced novices on a steep learning curve and lost the lot. They were obliterated.
We initially thought it might be slugs though looking back this was daft as they were all brand new raised beds on what had previously been a concrete bed and so where the slugs would have come from so quickly is questionable. We then thought it could be pigeons as we can often see them perched in the nearby trees. We set about putting up the shiny CD's and scarecrows but the damage was getting worse. It apears that it was actually the white butterflies. We hadn't covered our crop and unfortunatley we couldn't keep up with the number of caterpillars produced. We went on regular caterpillar watches but alas the war was lost and the brasicas had to go.
If we reattempt this crop next year, we will hopefully be in a much stronger position and can begin the battle from a much stronger stand point. Watch out butterflies, here we come.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your comment on my blog ( You raised a point that I hadn't even thought about - that if only one child came it would still be worthwhile. So thank you very much, you're right! (I'd still feel pretty rubbish though!).

Your garden looks beautiful, I am very envious. Ours isn't that pretty and tiny.

I'm interested to see if you've come up with a solution for keeping rats away from your compost heap, a worry for us when we get them. I heard regular turning of it prevents them making nests.

Best wishes,