school garden

school garden

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Going Batty!

Last evening we put up two bat boxes on the large Sycamore tree in the school garden. We are hoping that some of the bats which have been seen flying around the garden in the evenings will spot them and move in. The school has been kindly loaned a bat detector by the local RSPB team so on the next warm evening we will pop up to the garden at dusk and try to identify the bats as they fly about hoovering up the moths.

The RSPB Reserve Manager has offered to give us a bat talk so we might take up his kind offer soon

The Bat Detector

The Bat Boxes

In the greenhouse this morning our gourd plants were in flower.The plants are now growing very fast -several inches every day- and they are creeping across the net in the roof of the greenhouse.

The gourd in flower
And finally for today. Those pigeons are back. They have moved on from the peas and now they have found the cabbage plants. For some reason they have not yet found the brussel sprout plants. Let us hope it stays that way!

The pigeon beak marks on one of the cabbage plants

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