school garden

school garden

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Greenhouse Update

The last few warm days have seen temperatures in the greenhouse stay in the 30's even with the doors open. This has had an amazing effect on the plants inside. The papyrus was transplanted into three monster flower pots last week and it has doubled in size and is now throwing up flowering spikes. The gourds seem to grow  in front of your eyes. They have now reached the roof of the greenhouse and will soon need to be trained along the supporting mesh, The rice plants have been re-potted this morning. Small cucumbers are forming and the tomatoes are just showing.

The rice plants in their new pots

The papyrus and the new flowering spikes

The overnight rain has worked wonders on the sweetcorn plants and they are starting to fill out and reach upwards. The Gardening Club are trialing four different sorts of sweetcorn this year. They are growing the usual yellow cobbed variety, and also a purple cobbed variety which has links to the Hopi Indians in North America. The other two varieties on trial are the small cobs you see in the supermarkets in cling film (usually alongside a handful of mange tout) and actual popping corn.If the latter is successful we may be able to make our own popcorn up in the garden one afternoon later in the year.

The Gardening Club's sweetcorn plants

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