school garden

school garden

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Not a squirrel in sight!

This morning for over four hours not one squirrel showed itself! Plenty of Woodpigeons flew away on arrival but no squirrels. This is because they have eaten everything. They cannot get at the fatball holders for the birds now because the wire has been strengthened and they cannot reach down and get at them. They have moved on- for the time being.

Around the willow classroom is the biggest fairy toadstool ring that I have ever seen. Strangely all the toadstools seem to be on the outside of the classroom with just one or two inside.

The Strawberry bed has been moved. The plants will get more sunshine and warmth in the new position which should improve the crop. It will also be easier to cover and keep those hungry Blackbirds off the fruit as they forage about in the early mornings.

The new Strawberry bed   

The strongest remaining colours in the garden come from the magnificent wind vanes constructed by Mrs Palmers' class during last term. Most of them have withstood the weather and still fly proud over the garden beds.

The magnificent wind vanes  

Over the next few weeks we will be topping up the class beds with more top soil and also digging in some organic manure.All will be ready then for next Spring when the gardening starts again!

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