school garden

school garden

Monday, 5 December 2011

The fox pays a visit!

Working in the garden over the weekend it became obvious that the fox had made a very recent visit to the garden. He, or she, had  left behind a lot of pheasant feathers by the willow classroom. I have seen and heard pheasants in this part of Weymouth but  the fate of this bird will remain a mystery.  On a more positive note a Red Admiral butterfly was on the wing, a large bumble bee was seen buzzing around and even a very late hoverfly was feeding on one of the bristly-ox-tongue flowers in the WW2 garden.

 There is still no sign of the squirrels. There were some 20 Jackdaws smothering the fatballs this afternoon. It is no wonder that we get through ten to twelve fat balls a day in the bird feeding station,

Some lovely fungi clumps of late in the garden and around the school grounds

Today we started to put some organic compost on the classroom beds. This should be finished within the next day or so. The compost will remain on top of the soil for a week or so to let the weather break it up a little and then it will be dug in.

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