school garden

school garden

Monday, 13 August 2012

August garden update

It is a little ironic that the school garden comes into bloom when the children are away on holiday.  However all is going well except that the badgers have found the ripened barley and stripped the ears of their seed.  Pigeons too are taking advantage of the lack of human prescence.

Wildlife continues to abound. On sunday afternoon  at one time there were 4 Migrant Hawkers and 2 Emperor Dragpnflies.  In the air at the same time were 3 colourful Jersey Tiger moths and a male Sparrowhawk flew fast and low through the garden clutching a prey item- male Sparrowhawks take smaller birds as prey rather than the larger prey taken by the female. This way both birds never go hungry as they do not chase the same size prey!

A busy bumble bee
The garden club Union Jack finally makes good!

Spot the dragonfly larva case!

For those wondering how the Eco-loo is developing, the construction is going well and the inside has been decorated and many of the fittings installed.. We are, we hope, still on time to deliver for the start of next term. (Subject to contractual small print)

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