school garden

school garden

Sunday, 9 September 2012

We have been here before!

The squirrels are back. They seem to be enjoying a two course meal at the moment.

First find a sunflower,  Climb up it until it falls over and then bite the flowering head off

Carry the seed head to the willow classroom and start to eat

 Discover that it is easier to eat at the table


Main Course;
Return to the garden and climb up  a sweet corn plant until it snaps off and remove the cob

Carry to willow classroom and find another table

Wandering around the garden yesterday it was a delight to see so many bees and butterflies about. Hoverflies were also in abundance and several species were seen.  The warm weather has brought an influx of migrant insects from France and Red Admiral butterlies were everywhere favouring the buddleia bushes in the bird garden.  Of more interest though was the dozens of Silver Y moths in the garden nectaring from the flowers.  They are a little cryptic when resting!

Finally a close up of a small jewel of an insect which often gets bad press! A  Bluebottle fly. A real jewel in the crown

A new term now and new faces and more opportunities in the garden

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