school garden

school garden

Monday, 28 January 2013

If winter's here, can Spring be far behind..

The closing lines from 'Ode to the West Wind' by Shelley.  An interesting poem to get to grips with.  Yesterday garden group volunteers could certainly have been excused thinking that Spring was almost here. Birds were singing, a single bumble bee was active and a couple of flies were evident in the greenhouse.  Also a bright green caterpillar was disturbed whilst potting on the Sweet pea plants.

We will identify this later

The Hazel bushes also had a touch of Spring about them as their delicate catkins rustled in the breeze

Hazel catkins

By the pond many daffodils were also in flower.  These plants seem to flower earlier each year. A little unseasonal but a welcome splash of colour to the garden

Most of the day was taken repairing the small fence which surrounds the base of the greenhouse from anybody accidentally falling against it and actually ending up in the greenhouse!

Sweet peas pricked out and stopped ready for spring planting out

If you have not been up in the garden for a while the last but one picture shows the almost completed residential home which has been built alongside the school garden.  Plans are afoot to establish a good relationship with the home and we look forward very much to sharing our garden with the residents at a later stage this year.

The final picture shows nature at work.  Pure artistry.  Any guesses as to where it is in the garden?

It is hoped to have a working party in the garden towards the end of half term week. Volunteers always welcome.  Date to be confirmed soon.

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