school garden

school garden

Sunday, 24 February 2013

All change. Part 2.........

As predicted the fence between the school garden and the new build was completed within two days.  The view from the bird hide is now very different and although the border looks stark  gardens are always evolving and changing  and before long we will have something new to wonder at. Already native Rowan, Crab Apple and Bird Cherry trees have been planted which will quickly reduce visual impact and provide cover for the birds.

The weekend working party achieved much with the help of the good, if not bitter cold, weather. The main project was to install the reed screen which will hide the compost bins.  Our good friends from Abbotsbury Swannery kindly delivered 12 bundles of cut reed for us and the screen works well.

Now you see them....

Now you don't.....

Several tidying and repainting jobs were done. The bird hide has had a refreshing new coat of paint.

The refreshed bird hide

The high point of the weekend though was the completion and installation of the Aeolion Wind Organ.  This has taken a while to prepare and get right but now it stands alongside the entrance path as you walk up the garden.  More about this later!

With the temperatures set to rise next week ( a little at least) we can start to look out for frogspawn and the turning point that Spring  is on the way

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