school garden

school garden

Saturday, 9 March 2013

A very big 'thank you' !

The school garden has recently been given a very generous sum of money. Peter Curtis, the Chief Executive for Gracewell Healthcare has presented the school with a cheque for £8,750 which will mean that we can now install mains electricity and water in the garden.  The presentation was made recently in the school garden in front of a small group of children.

Gracewell Healthcare have built the new £7m 70 bed property next door to the garden. It has been named Highclere House after children from the school were invited to name the building.  Both the school and the staff and residents of Highclere House look forward to a successful partnership.  The residents will have access to the garden 'out of school hours'.  The garden as we all know is a lovely peaceful place and in Spring and Summer is alive with bird song and butterflies.  We are sure that the residents will enjoy our garden and if this year the summer is kind to us we can arrange a few evening in the garden over a BBQ for the school,residents and staff alike of Highclere House to enjoy

Peter Curtis presenting the cheque

Once again, a very big 'thank you'!

This evening, in the very thick mist, a late visit to the garden was made.  In the memory garden the soft  and ever changing lights from our special feature there gave a really ethereal feel to that corner of the garden

In the fading light a familiar sight was spotted in the pond. Frog Spawn- lots of it.  Tomorrow it will be rescued it before the Blackbirds and Herons find it and enjoy it for breakfast! 

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