school garden

school garden

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A cause to celebrate.....

On the Birch trees which mark the entrance to the Memory Garden several leaves have been infected with a mite.  The species is Aculus leionotus  and uses birch trees as the host species. Mites are small, often microscopic and are very successful invertebrates.  They go largely unseen but some species are obvious especially when they form blisters on leaves.

Aculus leionotus

However the school garden is not all about latin names for the more elusive species.  Sometimes there is cause to celebrate and last weekend was no exception.  With the water and electricity now in the garden, thanks to a kind donation from Brookvale Homes who manage Highclere House next door,the garden group decided to on a barbeque last Saturday evening. The weather was kind and the barbeque was held after an afternoon working party.

The new path linking the school garden and Highclere House is almost complete and we look forward to the next barbeque when the staff and residents  from Highclere will be invited along.  A community driven project which is destined be a splendid evening. The school garden has evolved over the past few years and is there for sharing and enjoying. Who better to share it with than our good neighbours!

This coming weekend (July 27th and 28th) the garden will be open to the public as part of the National Gardens Scheme. Opening times are from 13.00hrs -17.00hrs.  Anybody who would be able to help us steward the event will be most welcome.

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