school garden

school garden

Friday, 30 August 2013

Community Spirit

The last blog entry saw the garden volunteers and visitors huddled under umbrellas on the NGS open weekend.  This entry though  is full of sunshine and great news.On Wednesday some of the garden volunteers visited our neighbours at Highclere House.  The purpose was to invite them into the garden to enjoy the flowers, the wildlife and peace and tranquility.

It was strange seeing the fence from the other side and also the 'gate'.  After a few false starts with the gate lock combination we finally welcomed our good friends from Highclere House into our garden.

The 'gate' from the other side

Our first smiling guest from Highclere
A brief history lesson about the garden

Mrs Redding- on the left of the picture was once a teacher at Holy Trinity School!

Both residents and staff spoke highly of the garden and enjoyed their visit. They were shown most of the accessible parts of the garden and enjoyed the sunflowers and the class vegetable beds. 

Soon it was time to return to Highclere House but the message was very clear.  Our friends are welcome in the garden any time out of school hours.  We are sure that they will return to enjoy the surroundings 'over the fence'.

For the garden group this has firmly put the school environmental garden in the community. It is a vision which has been pursued for some time.  We have finally got there!

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