school garden

school garden

Saturday, 7 September 2013

A dragonfly evening..

'Dragon flies hover, drift and dart
in the sultry summer evening sky,
suspended, tired and spent, from their long days reality'

A few lines from a poem by Harlon Rivers.

Last tuesday evening the sky  above the garden was full of Migrant Hawker dragonflies.  Dozens of them darting about over the school beds and around the trees catching midges and flies in the last hours of the warm summer evening.

 The evening was celebrated with a BBQ.  This summer has been exceptional and everything in the garden has grown well. We have had many flowers and a lot of vegetables to show for our early planting.  This year the bees have been outstanding and to date we have recorded over twenty five species.  Some bees are very small but we are endeavouring to identify as much as we can.

As the dragonflies went to bed and a Tawny Owl was heard hooting from nearby the garden took on a new dimension.

 For twenty minutes or so the garden took on a new look. Drenched in a kaleidoscope of light the plants and garden showed a depth and structure not seen during daylight. Afterwards we returned to normality and the black sky overhead revealed shooting stars, fast moving satellites and a plethora of stars. A wonderful way to celebrate this splendid summer.

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