school garden

school garden

Friday, 21 March 2014

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success"

We title this blog post with a quote from Henry Ford.

The school garden group works in a similar fashion.  Members of the garden group (small as it is) are from all walks of life with a similar vision.  That vision maintains a passion for the environment, education, creation  and enjoyment.  Those four topics bind the group closely together and the empathy and creativity between individuals has since September 2008 turned the garden into what it is now.

This year the big challenge for the group is the construction of the Jurassic Garden. We are fortunate in having a template to work from kindly produced by our friends at Kingston Maurward College.  The Jurassic garden will test the group considerably and offer many challenges.  However the project took a large step forward this week with brick  rubble moved into place which will form the base of the ammonite shaped path.

About the garden things are moving.  Class2P has kick started things and their potatoes have been planted.

Class 2P - first off the mark!

In one of the daffodils a snail was spotted hiding. It looks as if it had been eating several of the petals first before it decided to try to hide. Several bumblebees were also noted in the daffodil flowers- buff tailed and red tailed bumblebees were actively feeding from one flower to another.

Snail trying to hide in the daffodil

The last two hazel hurdles which arrived with the garden in 2008 have finally started to fall apart.  It is intended to replace them with a reed screen as we did before.  However these will be much lower to allow more light into the growing area.  The reed was kindly donated by our friends at  Abbotsbury Swannery.  It is hoped that the new reed screens will be completed in the next day or two.

Reed and battens ready for the new screens

Proof that there is beauty in everything.  A casual glance to the skies at the end of the day revealed this amazing cloud formation. Nature cannot be beaten for continually producing beauty and form.

Finally while sorting out the clematis and jasmine plants on the pergola an old friend was discovered covered in grass and debris from the two storms back in February.

Our frog wind vane lives on after a clean up and quick refurbishment!


Sandy Weatherburn said...

Are class 2P planting some mint to have with their potatoes I wonder?

Steve said...

The mint is close by in the herb garden! Chives also thrive there. Two wonderful herbs to link with potatoes.

Talk of new potatoes and chives in a light mayonnaise suggests that BBQ time cannot be far away!

Our other potato crop will be planted next weekend in the WW2 garden