school garden

school garden

Sunday, 27 April 2014

"A good fence.......

makes a good neighbour".

From the poem by Robert Frost- The Mending Wall.   The proverb may well be from an earlier date.

With this is mind the garden group started this weekend to replace the ageing picket fence around the school garden with the better  taller fence which we have recycled from the school swimming pool.  The new garden fence will be better- although somewhat higher it will contain the garden.

The original fence

There it was- gone!

The record breaking 6 metre long fence panel!

The new fence panel

Work will continue over the next week and hopefully the fence will be completed by the next weekend.

While moving the fence panels around we disturbed some large spiders. This particularly aggressive looking one is the Rabbit Hutch Spider- Steatoda bipunctata.

The Rabbit Hutch Spider

Inside the World War2 garden the broad beans are doing well.  However their growth has attracted the pea/bean weevil.  This small insect makes small serrated nicks on the edges of the leaves.

Broad bean leaves under attack!

The bean weevil - picture from the internet.

The herb garden makeover is now complete with several new herbs added to the original layout. A variety of thyme and sage plants have been added to the garden along with a general tidy up.

The revamped herb garden.

In the greenhouse our much admired Pitcher plant flowers are moving to the next stage.  The petals slowly die and expose the  pollen which is then made available to insects.  We may try to help pollination by using a small paint brush or a cotton wool bud.

The pollen is just visible

A recent donation to the garden has been a  carved man from the birch forests in Arkhangelsk in Northern Russia. The woodmen carve these at the road side and sell them for a few roubles.  There is a saying in Northern Russia that give a man an axe and he can make anything!  The piece is designed as a coat hanger and has been situated on the Summer House.

From the Birch forests in Arkhangelsk

Elsewhere the runner beans have appeared and will soon be climbing up the canes.  The Mange Tout have also appeared and a hasty pigeon defence was put up before the birds find them.  During the week a more substantial net will be constructed. The Asparagus bed is looking good but we cannot harvest this year.  Next year though we can enjoy this delicious vegetable.  It needs two years to be left alone before harvesting.

Finally something has moved into one our bat boxes. Alas it is not a bat but a pair of Great Tits. We will monitor their progress.  Hopefully this year fine weather will continue when the chicks are born. They need a lot of caterpillars each day!


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Steve said...

We are delighted to be of help and also have readers from the other side of the world!

The garden group recycle and upcycle as much as we can and delight in trying new projects.
Renewing the old fence was an unplanned project but the offer of the old fence materials could not be wasted!

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