school garden

school garden

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Fence (part 2)

"Fear is the highest fence".

A quote by Dudley Nicholls.

Last Saturday the garden group continued with the new perimeter fence.  Work progressed well and by the end of the day most of the fence line had been replaced.
Step one

Step two

Step three

Step four

Along with the fence other jobs were done in the garden and a general tidy up was made.  The blossom  show continues

The Bird-cherry is looking good!

The Rowan flowers are very profuse

A delightful rock rose is also flowering - small but very attractive

Working about the garden we saw several Ashy-mining bees.  They are one of the most attractive bees. We have recorded them before but a picture is worthwhile

Ashy mining bee
  The pigeons have found our produce.  Once again serious measures need to be taken.  The growing Barley and the Mange Tout  are their targets but we have taken precautions

The Barley is covered

Metal mesh and 'scarey' tape over the Mange Tout
The potatoes in class 2P's bed are doing very well.  Class 4T has also kick started the class bed planting

Class 4T

Class 2P
The last job of the weekend was to get the hanging baskets planted up and positioned in the greenhouse to get them growing well before putting out.

Hopefully the fence will be finished within the next seven days and the garden group can return to the garden proper.  Plenty of jobs still to do!

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