school garden

school garden

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

"In the practice of tolerance.....

one's enemy is the best teacher"

The Dalai Llama

First the weather for October was very interesting.  The tail end of Hurricane Gonzala swept across Southern Britain during the latter part of the month.  The following graphs from our weather station show the picture. Click on each graph to enlarge.

The rainfall figures- a lot of red!

Outside temperatures took a dip mid-month but recovered

The wind peaked at 14metres/sec (about 31mph)
Back in the garden, the bad weather over the weekend restricted activity but the final construction stage in the Jurassic area was pegged down ready to fix and secure.  The nest area itself took a while to shape properly but with a bit of maths and elbow grease it all fell into place.  The next stage then will be the delivery of the material to fill the area and make good before the final layer is positioned to finish the path areas off properly

The overall view across the Jurassic area

A few vegetables remain in the garden.  The curly kale is still growing well.  It is a good contender for next year again as the pigeons do not seem to touch it.  Perhaps they are not familiar with the leaves!  Also a few turnips remain and a single Swiss Chard plant.

The curly kale

The last of the turnips

Colourful Swiss Chard

The Jay continues to frequent the garden and has now found the bird feeding area.  They are colourful birds and members of the Crow family.  They usually fly off long before you get close to them and show their white rump as they disappear into the trees.

The handsome Jay
The Echiums which we transplanted a few weeks ago are growing well.

Hopefully the ground will dry sufficiently by the weekend to enable the final construction in the Jurassic area to the be completed.  We finish off with a plea.  The garden group need some topsoil to build up the growing areas in the Jurassic garden.  If any readers know of any topsoil which is going (for free) please contact the school office. Thanks!

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