school garden

school garden

Monday, 24 November 2014

"There are no rules of architecture....

for a castle in the sky"

A quote from Gilbert Chesterton.

We start with some dramatic pictures of the sunset over the school garden this weekend.  No artist can create such magnificence.  Nature will win every time!

Wonderful stuff and good for the soul!

Back to the garden. At the end of the week ten tons of topsoil were delivered to make good the main growing beds and profile the planting areas around the Jurassic Garden.  The old tired soil was removed from the salad and vegetable beds and wheel-barrowed down to the Jurassic area and a barrow load of fresh top soil was taken back.  No-one was allowed to be seen with an empty wheelbarrow!

The arrival of ten tons of fresh topsoil

A busy scene in the garden on Saturday
The replenished salad bed

Digging out the old soil
Ready for planting next Spring

The last of the vegetables were dug up- carrots and a few small turnips.  They will not be wasted!  Half the makings of a good stew

The pile of soil soon started to disappear
All gone!

Redefining the main planting area with more interest
Colour was not only in the sky this weekend.  The golden leaves of autumn carpeted the grass.  The Field Maple is particularly stunning

Finally the details for the carol service.  It will be held 17.00 hrs on Saturday December 6th in the School  Garden.  Do join us. Bring a torch and a warm coat and a seat if you wish.  The school choir will once again delight us and the  garden will be flood light.  If wet weather prevails it will be held in the School Hall

This next week more stone will be delivered to finish off the base layers of the paths around the Jurassic area. It will then remain for just the top of the paths to be made good with a finer aggregate and then we must wait until next Spring when we can start planting up. Exciting times are ahead!!

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