school garden

school garden

Sunday, 18 January 2015

'Fear the wolf in front

 and the tiger behind'

A Chinese saying.

With the fine weather continuing the Garden Group have continued work catching up with outstanding jobs. One outstanding job was to create a small fence panel at the entrance- hopefully hiding the immediate view of the Jurassic garden.  With tall planting behind it will help screen the view.  The last bits of the old swimming pool fence were stripped down and reformed to create this panel.  This means that we have managed to upcycle the entire old fence and with just a few 4 inch posts left - which we will use in the compost area upgrade shortly.

the old swimming pool gates

Salvaging the uprights

Just enough for the new panel!
The fence panel was quickly put together and before long was positioned by the entrance gate


Work then moved to the 'pencil' fence at the herb garden.  With the concrete set the section was replaced and all looked good once again

The refurbished 'pencil' fence

 The recent storm force winds which hit the south coast took their toll on the greenhouse.  The morning after revealed that 10 of the laminate sheets had been blown out. Eight of the sheets were found nearby but two were missing.  Once the eight had been repositioned a search was made for the other two.  They were found over the wall and collected later that same day.  The greenhouse is now complete again and we have run  some strong wires along it to hopefully prevent the sheets flying away again

The 40 mph gusts around midnight can be seen

The missing roof panel

They they are!

Wires to hopefully strengthen the laminate sheets

It is that time of year again.  The first daffodil was out fully this year on the 12th January

Our first Daffodil for 2015!

With the flowers tempting Spring so were the birds. The Blue Tits were busy and the female was spotted checking out the nestbox

Anybody in?

Just testing the entrance hole
Great Tits were busy too and two males were establishing territory while the female was seen trying out the damaged bat boxes. Our plants are also doing well.

Tea plants are developing lateral buds

A colourful Winter Pansy

Our Banana Plants

We now await a fine dry weekend for the final delivery of stone to make good the paths.  The cold frame can then be delivered and set in position - all ready for the Spring planting!

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