school garden

school garden

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Watch your character...

-it becomes your destiny.

A quote from Lao Tze- a philosopher and poet of ancient China

The last weekend saw the garden group start to make good damage, wear and tear over the past season in the garden.  High on the list was the fence post by the main summer house alongside the herb garden.  However once the damaged post had been replaced it became evident that a second post also needing replacing. Luckily we have a good supply of suitable fence posts which we upcycled from the old school swimming pool fence.

The posts were allowed to set hard in the postcrete for a week. The pencils will be replaced next weekend and that will be one job off the list!

Elsewhere in the garden a casual look at the bat boxes revealed that the Great Spotted Woodpecker has been busy sharpening his beak!  Holes have been chipped away in both of the boxes- probably as the bird was seeking out beetle larvae or similar in the only way which it knows how too.  The boxes can possibly be repaired with a new front sections replacing the damaged ones

The damaged bat boxes! 

The colourful ammonites
The colourful ammonites made by the children over a year ago have been put back out into the Jurassic area.  Time is taking its' toll on the wonderful creations and so we decided to put them back out in the garden from the store and let them finish their days overlooking the new garden area

The stump from the old viburnum alongside the green shed was also dug out at last. It put up quite a fight but eventually gave in when a large axe was produced.  The size-able stump will be fed to our shredder later and the recycled chips used on the garden

The cleared area
A new area for garden development
At present we are thinking of building a 'stumpery' here which will contain a few smaller ferns and other suitable plants.  By keeping things low we will be able to show off the magnificent wall which in itself is quite a feature of the garden.

The winter progresses and we have gone past the shortest day which gives us a few minutes more daylight each day now.  There is still a lot of interest as the detail from the grass below shows and also the fruiting berries from the stinking iris which provide some colour at this time of the year

Sunsets feature regularly on our garden blog.  Here is another.  Quite different to those dramatic skies we had a few weeks ago

For stargazers who read the blog look out for Comet Lovejoy which is visible at the moment.  From about 20.30 hrs look for it to the right of Orion.  Check the internet for more details instructions. You will of course need a good clear sky!

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