school garden

school garden

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

"If you have a garden and a library..... have everything you need".

  Marcus Tullius Cicero 

With the construction of the Jurassic garden almost complete the group have spent the  past week or so doing repairs and gardening proper.  The Aeolian wind organ had been looking a little tired since being installed just after the Olympic celebrations and it was time for a refresh.  The wood itself was staining with the weather and it was decided to put a touch of Japan in the garden by painting them bright signal red.  The result provided a stunning impact in the garden.

The refreshed bamboos
 The school competition to name the Pteranodon resulted in the name 'Terry' being declared the winner with the casting vote being given to the members of the garden group.  Below 'Terry' we have now varnished the eggs to try to repel the weather and planted  several ferns which will enhance the area

The ferns have been specially chosen as they will spread quickly and cover the ground. They will enjoy the semi-shade which will be improved as the Spring slides into Summer.

Frog Spawn becoming tadpoles
In the pond the masses of frog spawn are now developing into tadpoles.  The tadpoles will have  a struggle to survive as there are many things living in the pond which will prey on them. Newts and dragonfly larvae are very partial to the tadpoles and are adapted to catch them. Even birds will take them and the innocent Blackbird would not turn away such an easy meal.

Both the Borage and the Alkanet have started to flower and this will result in some of the early bee species being recorded.  Both plants are very good for bee species at his time of year.



The winter pansies which have struggled with the cold nights have finally got going.  The leaves which were tarnished by the cold nights have now greened up and the flowers are appearing.  Unfortunately the pigeons are eating the flowers. They are also eating the daffodils. Beak marks are very obvious on them!

Winter pansies doing well
In the corner which was tidied up by the tool shed the new' Stumpery' is taking shape. Various shaped stumps have been positioned and amongst them have been planted an interesting variety of ferns.  Included with them has been a couple of delicately white flowered Vinca 'gertrude jekyll' plants which will over time enhance the area.

The 'Stumpery' taking shape.

As day ended the night sky appeared.  The Moon with Venus showed itself in the West.

The day draws to a close!

The working party in the garden will be held on Saturday 11th April. All are welcome.  Old friends and new.  There is much to do to get the garden ready for the summer.

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