school garden

school garden

Saturday, 21 March 2015

"You cannot open a book....

...without learning something"

A quote from Confucius

The garden group has been busy making some purpose built compost bins.  The plastic ones did not seem to work that well so we decided to make some traditional bins.  It will enable us to turn the compost regularly and get it back onto the plots

The compost bins will be finished next weekend. We have used decking planks as they hopefully will last for many years.

Elsewhere we have start planting up ready for the Jurassic garden ferns and trees.  The first plants to go in were the Fatsias and the Corsican Hellabore.

Next weekend we will plant out the Banana plants and some of the smaller ferns.

Spring continues in the garden with many flowers now showing.  The Pulmonarias are useful at this time of the year for early bees.


The first Cellandine of the year

Anemone blanda - delightful flowers!

Buff-tailed Bumblebee basking in the sun


One of the clumps of Primroses
Finally viewing of the eclipse over Weymouth was hindered by cloud cover but now and again the sun did shine through. A couple of quick 'grab shots' were taken at one of these brief showings

Details of the proposed Easter holiday working party will be posted next time.  Come along and enjoy the birdsong, the butterflies and the bees!

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