school garden

school garden

Thursday, 31 March 2016

"You will not be punished for your anger

You will be punished by your anger"


 Storm Katie recently tore through the school garden at speeds of 80 mph. It was with some trepidation that the garden was visited on Monday afternoon.  Fearing the worst that the greenhouse would have been destroyed it was found not to be!  Only 5 panes of polycarbonate had been blown out.  Four were recovered from around the garden and a fifth had to made from spare material but within twenty minutes the greenhouse had been made secure again.

However Terry, our resident Pteranodon had suffered.  The violent winds had twisted the structure badly and a couple of the guys had snapped and the head  broken.

However work has started already to replace the head and we hope to have it restored by the weekend.

About the garden the improving weather has meant that the garden group can push on.  The Celeriac plants have been pricked out and potted up.  They will stay in the pots for a little longer until the time is right to plants them out.

The Celeriac plants

 In the greenhouse the warmth has produced a lot of growth in the plants within.  The Lithops (Living Stones) have started their annual transformation as the outer leaves die off and new ones grow from within. The plants must not be watered again until all the plants have grown the new leaves


The insectivorous plants, Sundews and Venus fly-traps, have been replanted in a more bog like environment and they look healthy after their transplanting.

The Banana plants have made rapid growth over the past week,. 

In the grass garden the decorative minature tulips and Anemone blanda are in flower

Minature tulips

Anemone blanda

The surplus timber which the garden group have had stored against the neighbour's wall has now all be re-positioned on a purpose built trestle behind the sheds.  It is now out of sight.

The new timber store

The final job of the day was to tidy up the hose which had been on the ground.  New brackets were sourced and the hose is now wound in a tidy fashion safely out of the way.

The tidy hosepipe!

Finally there is to be a working party in the garden this Saturday April 2nd  from 12.00 till 16.00.  All welcome.  There is much to do from planting potatoes to painting up the bird hide, the fence and the garden sheds.  Do bring old clothes.   Tea and biscuits will be available! 

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