school garden

school garden

Saturday, 16 April 2016

"Peace comes from within,

do not seek it without"


Repair work to 'Terry' the Pteranadon has continued over the previous week and this weekend he was proudly flying again.  The Garden Group are very grateful indeed to Erika at S3i for help with the speedy preparation of steel rope and fittings which now keeps Terry airborne and also Mike at Apollo Marine for advice and help with sourcing suitable material to secure the shackles to the steel rope.

New head already for installation

Metal pole has replaced the old wooden pole for extra strength

4mm steel rope and fittings supplied by S3i

An intricate junction of steel wire and fittings

'Terry' is flying again!

About the garden things are moving quickly as the warm weather picks up.  Temperatures in the green house rise quickly and the automatic windows open to keep things a little cooler.

The banana plant is slowly reaching for the sky

The re-potted Bird-of-Paradise plant is doing well

The succulents are enjoying the warmer temperatures

The Canna plants are also responding to the warmer temperatures

The delicate flowers of the Echivera plant

Outside the greenhouse the recently sown Barley has quickly germinated.  Netting is required to stop the hungry Woodpigeons grazing on it.

The Barley has quickly germinated

The Shallots are doing well

Tulipa clusiana 'Cynthia'

The Rodgersia has awoken from the winter slumber

The first blossom of the year

Field Maple leaves bursting forth

Over the next two weeks the garden will be planted up with various vegetables and flowers.  Particular attention being paid to bee friendly plants.  The World War 2 beds have already been planted with potatoes and broad beans.

With five species of bees being identified recently on one afternoon we await the summer months so that we can hopefully identify some more species new to the garden

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