school garden

school garden

Monday, 19 February 2018

"Climb the mountain so that you can see the world..

...not so that the world can see you"

An old Chinese proverb

During half term essential repairs were continued and work started to make good and prepare the garden for the Spring.

The wind turbine repair was finished thanks to our good friends Chesterton and Matthews in Old Parish Lane who  supplied two lengths of 9ft scaffold pipe and two clamps. The turbine should now stand up to a very severe gale!

The scaffolding is clamped to the turbine post

The finished work- properly braced against the weather

Back in action!
Work was carried out behind the garden toilet. The water butts had slipped off of their pedestals and the area needed tidying up. The butts were laid on some paving slabs and refitted to the down pipe on the toilet. All was working well when we left and water was running into the system.

The water butts made good again

A general tidying up of the area was also made

The tangled web of Brambles and Ivy which had encroached around the water butts has been removed.

The first frogspawn of the year was noted in the pond on Thursday February 8th. Over the next week a considerable amount of spawn had been laid and a maximum count of 63 frogs were counted. Some activity was still noted on the 18th although the number of frogs in the pond had considerably dropped off. There are a lot of frog pictures and we make no apology for this!

Further evidence that Spring is approaching .  The garden is coming back to life after what seemed to be a very long winter

Hazel catkins

Early Crocus flowers

Crocus close up

Tete-a-tete daffodils in the raised bed

A single blue Crocus

Finally a recent discovery in the Jurassic garden has been further explored by year 3.  Just what else is lurking in the garden and waiting to be discovered!

The recent excavation in the Jurassic Garden

A formidable looking creature!

The garden group always welcomes new helpers.  If you are interested in helping  please leave your name in the school office and we can get in touch with you.

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