school garden

school garden

Friday, 30 March 2018

"Hatred is an affair of the heart;

contempt is that of the head"

Arthur Schopenhaur- a German philosopher 1788-1860

 The recent poor weather gave the garden group a chance to tidy the sheds and clean up the tools ready for the 2018 season.  All the various nuts, bolts, screws and fittings were all sorted into compartments for finding quickly when needed.

Sorting out the various nuts, bolts screws and fittings

A clean and tidy shed

In the back corner a very large spider was disturbed- probably one of the Tegenaria species.  It did not stop long enough to clinch identification

A large Tegenaria spider

The potatoes had been left to chit for a couple of weeks and were thought large enough to plant.  Early varieties of Desiree and Maris Piper were chosen for this year.  Compost was dug into the trench before planting to hopefully enhance yield!

The red Desiree potatoes and the Maris Piper potatoes below
 The potato patch all planted up and labelled.  Hopefully we can deter the local black cat from scratching about in it!

Our potato patch

The daffodils have done well this year and two varieties in particular have excelled.  'Jetfire' bulbs were planted in pots and 'Sailboat' bulbs which were planted directly in the new bee friendly bed at the back of the garden under the wall

'Jetfire' variety

'Sailboat' variety

The crocus flowers were late appearing once the snow had melted but this year very few bumble bees were seen feeding in them.. Hopefully the bees were not lured out by the previous week of fine and warm weather only to succumb to the cold.  Last Sunday though queen Buff-tail and Red-tail bumble bees were seen in the garden so hopefully most have survived.

A ring of blue crocus flowers

delightful cream crocus flowers

The raspberry canes were thinned out and weeded with just twelve plants replaced. 

The revitalised raspberry bed

The soil has been too wet to do any digging and still too cold to think about planting any early vegetables.  With April approaching and hopefully warmer weather these  jobs can take place.

The garden group always welcomes new helpers.  The small group who tend the school garden for the enrichment of the lives of the children (be it mini-beast hunts or looking for the signs of Spring) meet most Sunday afternoon.  If you are interested please leave your details in the school office so that we can contact you.

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