school garden

school garden

Thursday, 21 July 2011

End of term round-up

A visit earlier today revealed several small pumpkins on some of the classroom plants. They look like large gooseberries at the moment but hopefully they will keep growing and in a month or two we will have some pumpkins to show off. They will need a little nurturing as the small pumpkins are prone to rot off quickly.

Small pumpkin

Another small pumpkin

We could hardly post the last blog before the end of term without proudly showing our certificate for winning the Dorset Wildlife Trust Environmental Garden competition. The certificate and plaque are placed in the window of the garden building for all to see

Our certificate

The warm rain over the past few days has boosted the sweetcorn plants and they look really good.

The final picture this evening is of the artichoke. This magnificent flower develops on the plant if the seed head had not been removed, cooked and eaten - with a generous amount of butter! It looks like a monster thistle head.

Next term there should be rice to look at and plenty of huge gourds which are thriving in the greenhouse. One ambitious project  is to make some paper from our papyrus stems. The gardening team will need to do a bit of homework  over the summer break and then hopefully we can relive the Egyptian age

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