school garden

school garden

Sunday, 10 July 2011

It's all over now

It was with some relief that I saw that the bees had gone this morning. Bees and small children are not the best of combinations. There were a dozen or so hanging around but I suspect that these were transient bees attracted possibly by pheremones left by the swarm while in the willow.

Another busy day in the garden ready for Open Day next sunday. All work was brought to  a halt when the shout of large dragonfly went up. Rushing up to the pond there was a female Emperor Dragonfly laying eggs on the underside of the lily pads. Between each egg laying session if flew very fast around the garden - returning each time to the lily pads to continue egg laying.

The female Emperor Dragonfly laying eggs in the school pond

Another shot of the female Emperor Dragonfly

This sighting was welcomed as breeding had been suspected whilst studying the larval stages/ nymphs  earlier this year. Some of the nymphs found keyed out as Emperor Dragonflies. Another species on the list.

Also this morning a great selection of spiders and grasshoppers were found. More work needed on these!

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