school garden

school garden

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Our Local Horticultural Society

As a community we are in the enviable position of having a thriving local Horticultural Society that many places, expecially urban areas, would dearly like. I have just read a blog about the society that informed me of many interesting facts that I wasn't aware of ....

Imagine, just imagine, that you belong to a horticultural society that began in 1925 when it was givengiven!) a large plot of land; and that in the 1950s, it was able to field a team expert enough to win a gardening quiz on the radio and that the BBC was generous enough to give a prize of enough money to erect a hall on that same site - and not a small hall either! Just imagine that after nearly ninety years it's still going strong .. . . then meet the Wyke Regis Horticultural Society.
To read about the society and indeed the rest of a remarkable blog. Follow this link.

I am a member of the society but until now never really thought about it and certainly have not used it as much as its volunteers deserve. I know Jeff the Chairman personally and he was very helpful to us in the school garden when we were starting out and  the school garden became the first school members of the society.  Through our membership of the society we were invited to take the gardening club to visit the allotments at Green Lane where Jeff is also a member, it was a very enjoyable trip and the children learnt a lot.
We should do more to support the society and help to keep this valuable community resource alive and flourishing.

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