school garden

school garden

Thursday, 25 April 2013

All change -for the third time!

Over the weekend the garden group volunteers restored the old fence line of the School Environmental Garden.  Old fence sections were reused and brought back to life with a few modifications.  The garden is now once again secure with just the gate entrance.  However  the larger restored fence section has been made removable just in case...!

This work was essential if we are to now start the early planning stages of our Jurassic Garden.  Boundaries have to be marked out to give us a better picture.

Elsewhere signs that Spring has arrived included the first sighting of the year of a BeeFly.  A formidable looking insect but quite harmless.

Elsewhere the Willow classroom has started to green up and with a couple of weeks should look good again

In the greenhouse warmer temperatures have triggered the sundews to reappear with their small sticky leaves.  The gourds have also been planted up having been taken out of the propagator.  Once things warm up they will grow very quickly. This year we are trying Snake Gourds and Loofahs.

In the World War 2 garden the Broad Beans have appeared but the Potatoes are still waiting for warmer weather. Our bed of Jerusalem Artichokes has just started to break the surface of the soil.  Hopefully they should grow quickly now.

Finally a picture of the garden with a blue sky!

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