school garden

school garden

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Spring at last!

It looks as if Spring has finally arrived. Three species of butterfly in the garden this afternoon were observed and plenty of bumble bees.  The Chaffinch was singing from his territorial song post above the machinery shed and the pair of Blue Tits were chasing each other around the willow classroom.

In the pond the frogspawn is now small tadpoles

The tadpoles are just finishing eating the jelly like substance which has surrounded them from birth and about to brave the big world outside.  They will have plenty of predators.  The newts and the dragonfly nymphs are particularly fond of them, as they are easy to catch until they get a little larger and quicker.  But realistically from all these tadpoles we only need a few to survive and make it to frogs to continue their existence in the pond.

One the fringe of the pond further evidence of Spring with Primroses and Cowslips in flower

In the greenhouse things are looking good with lots going on.

The better weather is a sign to get thing planted as the soil is warming up.  Our stand of Barley needs planting within the next day or so -  before the Cuckoos return.  Late planted 'Cuckoo Barley' always crops less well. Although we are not farmers we would like a good show!

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